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... or what our students and their parents think about us.

Um Yang has been such a positive environment to learn the focus and discipline required of Taekwondo.

We love the balance and fitness that comes with the sport and we also love that the students are encouraged to support one another as they learn and progress. Chantel C.


I like coming to Taekwondo because I like learning new patterns and being active. My instructors are very helpful with guiding us through learning new patterns, kicks and blocks. Also, sometimes our instructor lets us play fun games at the end of class!



My son's experience with Um Yang Taekwondo has been amazing. The instructors have mastered the delicate balance of being both patient and firm, creating an environment that fosters growth and self-discovery. They understand that each child progresses at their own pace, and this individualized approach has been a game-changer for my son. He feels seen, valued, and encouraged to embrace his unique journey in Taekwondo. At the same time, they instill discipline and focus, teaching valuable life skills that have allowed my son to build confidence in his abilities and embrace challenges. Highly recommended!

Jenn C.


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